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Neither AV Metro or AV Rural support this site or my Consolidated Resources for Ambulance Paramedics DVD-ROM's or PDA/Phone downloads in any way whatsoever.

  1. The DVD-ROM, PDA and web site files are provided "AS IS", and no responsibly for errors will be accepted by the author/editor.
  2. Some licence has been taken to reorder and simplify these CPG’s and the related material, so please make your comments constructive and with this in mind. I realise it is not perfect, but with your feedback it will become better than it currently is.
  3. This version include all current Clinical Work Instructions, even though many are redundant or even blank, as found on AV's internet sites.
  4. In future versions, I hope to add a more Audio and Visual features.
  5. Any suggestions, including links to, or availability of "copyright free" relevant material are most welcome.

Please also note:

In accordance with AV's Document Control system, users of the CPG and CWI on this DVD, shall understand that theses files are classified as ‘uncontrolled’ and are only current at the time of distribution.


These Clinical Practice Guidelines and Clinical Work Instructions have been developed by Ambulance Victoria (AV), Australia for use by Ambulance Paramedics and Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) Paramedics.

These Guidelines and Work Instructions were developed in conjunction with other major stakeholder organisations and are endorsed by the combined Medical Standards Committees of AV-Metro and A-Rural for the explicit use of accredited ambulance personnel employed by, and whilst on duty with AV.

They reflect a multi disciplinary consensus at the time of publication on the management of common emergency medical problems which may be encountered by Ambulance and MICA Paramedics.

Ambulance Victoria, their managements, clinical staff and other stakeholders who have had input into the development of these Guidelines and Work Instructions, accept no liability for patient misadventure, adverse outcome or complication arising from the use of these Guidelines outside of the clinical operations of RAV and MAS.


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